CF is the multidisciplinary community connecting more than 500 Harvard and MIT fellowship recipients from across the United States and around the world.
Cambridge Fellows

About & Welcome from Founder

Dear Fellowship Recipients,

Congratulations!  The opportunity to experience a fellowship at MIT or Harvard is rare and amazing.  You are among more than 500 fellows from more than 30 nations – focused on spectacular work from nearly every imaginable field.

As a Loeb Fellow in 2013 and through my affiliation with the Gleitsman Fellows and the Center for Public Leadership, I’ve witnessed and experienced the marvels of the Cambridge fellowship galaxy.  I’ve witnessed how much you can serve and assist not only each other but also your fellowships and these two wonderful schools.

To these ends, Cambridge Fellows (CF) is a non-profit service platform that aspires to enhance your Cambridge experience by meaningfully connecting you with other fellowship recipients from both ends of Massachusetts Avenue.  Through weekly emails and occasional in-person gatherings, CF can help you find each other faster, get to know each other better, experience unusual aspects of Cambridge together, and elevate your work and your fellowship.  By introducing you to multidisciplinary leaders/fellows from around the world, CF can also positively influence your work after your time in Cambridge.

Why Cambridge Fellows?

Prior to Cambridge Fellows there was never a coordinated effort to substantively connect the more than 500 multidisciplinary fellowship recipients – there wasn’t even a comprehensive list of all the fellowships at Harvard and MIT.  I launched CF to address these two compelling opportunities and to explore the breadth and depth of connecting across the divides of competing academic departments, narrow professional blinders, and inevitable graduate school specialization.

In the past two years CF friendships and connections have led to project funding, the development of important journalism sources, publishing and speaking opportunities, valuable perspective on project launches abroad, social enterprise start ups, and on and on.  Most importantly, CF has also helped create some new and fascinating friendships.

For every obvious reason, getting to know more people from more diverse backgrounds helps make the most of your experience as a fellow in residence and in the years beyond.  These fellowships last a lifetime – far beyond your time in residence in Cambridge.

CF’s Mission: Further, Faster, Fascinating & Fun

Past CF gatherings include pub crawls in Harvard, Central and Kendall Squares, unusual drink and dinner experiences, special events like Red Sox games, discussion groups with local and visiting luminaries, and special access tours of unique Cambridge sites.

A short weekly CF email promotes upcoming fellowship events and spotlights particular fellowships and fellows.  This helps build audience and awareness for important fellowship events.

So, jump in.  It’s about connection and collaboration.


Ed Walker


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